ELEVEN21 Capital, established in 2023, emerged from the vision of seasoned investors Anam & Aamir, who possess deep expertise in the dynamic DFW marketplace. Our firm specializes in providing opportunities for passive income supported by real estate investments. With a keen understanding of the local market and a commitment to delivering superior returns, we offer individuals the chance to optimize their idle capital and capitalize on lucrative investment prospects.


Anam and Aamir started investing in real estate in 2017.  After several years in the family businesses, they decided to it was time for them to build something for themselves. After lots of self-education, they  jumped into real estate investing for a more “passive” business and quickly grew their portfolio in 5 short years.

Aamir Hashambhai was born to be an entrepreneur from the start. Born in Los Angeles, California, then moved to Dallas, TX in 2000 with his family for a better opportunity. Aamir took his family business from negative income to having record YoY growth while finishing up his senior year of High School. 

Anam Ali Hashambhai was born and raised in Dallas, where the couple invests. She grew up in a family business as well and started working summers at the age of 13. Anam attended university at Southern Methodist University where she graduated with a BBA in Marketing from the Cox School of Business. Her 10 year career in marketing ended with her being named Automotive News’ 40 under 40 in 2022. Shortly after being honored, Anam took the leap and quit her 9-5 to jump all-in into real estate with her husband, Aamir. 

From real estate investing, Anam & Aamir became self-made millionaire by the age of 27 & 29. Current estimated assets under management are $25 million comprising of an 8 Unit apartment building, single family homes and a couple of duplexes with no partnerships or outside capital. Leverage is king for the couple and finding creative and unique ways to use it. 
There companies include a property management company, a construction company and investing services. 

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